ResearchDelivery of equipment
DevelopmentsField supervision
ProcurementStart-up works
  • Complex schemes of petroleum and gas condensates processing

  • Pretreatment of petroleum for transporting and processing

  • Pretreatment and efficient use of casing-head petroleum gas

  • Distillation of petroleum, gas condensates ant their fractions

  • Small-scale complexes of petroleum processing

  • Catalytic processes of motor fuel production

- delayed coking, visbreaking, thermal cracking

- production of bitumens, bitumen emulsions and mastics

- production of petroleum pitches, caking additives

  • Treatment of gases and petroleum from sulfur compounds

  • Processing of hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur

  • Water supply and removal, wastewater and gas effluents treatment

  • Design of polygons for burial of industrial and solid domestic wastes

  • Automatization of technological processes

The institute gives expert resolution on:

- quality of petroleum products of wide spectrum of application and waste waters;

- new technologies and processes of oil and gas processing.

Small-scale experimental production of the Institute has the set pilot plants according to the basic petroleum refining processes and produces the whole row of petrochemical products.

The Institute issues its developments in the form of technological regulations on design of new and reconstruction of existing productions, basic and detail projects and participates in construction and “turn-According to its research works the Institute has received more than 500 author certificates and patents including 35 foreign patents.