Who doesn't remember past, has no future

By the order of Ministry of oil industry of the USSR ¹ 258 from April 12, 1956 on the base of petroleum refining department of Ufa Scientific Research Institute, which couldn't any longer provide increasing industrial requirements with scientific developments and investigations, Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining (Bash NIINP)was established (now Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry). On May 23, 1956 Ministry of oil industry of the USSR approved the regulation about Bash NIINP, determining the fields of activities of the institute: "….Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining is an institute of union significance, which conducts scientific-research works on improving Bashkir and Tatar petroleum processing technologies and quality of petroleum products as well as broadening assortment of oil products, produced from sulfur-bearing oils….).
     Taking into account the procedure of the stuff and marerial resourses transfer, the actual start of activities of Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining is considered to be July 1, 1956. Settlement account was opened on the 20th of July, 1956.
     The initial structure of Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining looked as follows:
  • Oil feed laboratory
  • Catalytic processes laboratory
  • Fuels and oils testing laboratory
  • Industrial water treatment laboratory
  • Oils and lubricants laboratory
  • Laboratory of heavy petroleum residues processing
  • Industrial gases laboratory
  • Motor fuels laboratory
  • Laboratory of petroleum products cleaning
  • Paraffin and ceresine laboratory
  • Laboratory of refinery processes simulation
  • Designing department
  • Library
  • Mechanical shop
     On the 26th of June, 1956 the staff of the institute consisted of 110 people working in scientific - research laboratories together with subsidiary personnel and administrative department (total 178 people).
     The first steps of the institute foundation were very difficult. There was lack of place in the two - storied building near the central entrance of the Order of Lenin Ufa Petroleum Refining plant (complex of buildings in which the institute is situated nowadays was built only in winter of 1961-1962).New staff and scientific - research base were needed.
The first director of the institute was Eigenson Aleksandr Sergeyevich (1956-1977), who was transferred from the post of chief engineer and later assistant director of the Order of Lenin Ufa Petroleum Refining plant (from 1958 till 1963 the director of the institute was Akimov Vladimir Stefanovich). It's impossible to describe a great contribution of Aleksandr Sergeyevich in foundation of activities of our institute, to show his role as a director, a scientific worker, a preceptor and a friend. There was no activity of the institute without Eigenson's contribution. It's not suffice to say that the absolute majority of coworkers considered an honour to call themselves  successors of Aleksandr Sergeyevich, his professional skill, erudition in wide academic and administrative circles and creative activities has made him an authority among refiners.
      A.S. Eigenson was rewarded with the order of Red Banner of Labour, two orders of Badge of Honour, diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Bashkir ASSR, he was given the honoured degrees of "Honoured worker of science and technique of Baskir ASSR", "Honoured petrochemist" and was entered in the Book of Honour of MNkhP.
     The post of director of the institute was filled by Varfolomeev Dmitry Fedorovich from July1977 till February 1988, doctor of technical sciences, professor, Honoured worker of science and technique of the USSR and BASSR, "Excellent" of petroleum refining industry of the USSR, "Honoured petrochemist". He was rewarded with orders of Lenin, October revolution, and Red Banner of Labour and was marked by Badge of Honour. He is an author of 5 books, about 250 scientific works, an owner of about 100 author's certificates on inventions.
     Fryazinov Vladimir Vasilyevich was the director of the institute from February 1988 till December 1992, assistant director on scientific work from February 1962 till January 1988, chief scientific worker from December 1992 till October 2000. He came to the institute from the post of chief engineer of Novo-Ufimski Petroleum Refining plant. Vladimir Vasilyevich made a great contribution in organization of activities of maintenance subdivisions of the institute: glassblowing and mechanical shops, instrumentation and apparatus department, which hadn't before satisfied the needs of research departments. He paid a great attention to research techniques and instrumentation of laboratories, made the fundamental base of creating experimental units of Ufa experimental plant (now pilot-experimental production of the institute).
     The post of director was filled by Imashev Ural Bulatovich from December 1992 till August 1997), doctor of chemical sciences, professor, academician of ANRB, Honoured Scientist of Bashkortostan. He is an author of a large number of scientific works, including 15 books. He has more than 200 author's certificates on inventions. Imashev U.B. is an organizer of the order for development of General scheme of Ufa petroleum refining plants, took part in realization of this work.
     Telyashev Elshad Gumerovich has been successfully leading the institute from August 1997 till nowadays. He is a doctor of technical sciences, professor.
     There is no sense to give results of the institute activities, for this case we developed our website, in which we tried to give clear view of the institute, it's activities and the staff. Not simply working but living in a special world with its own traditions, habits and way of life. Succession of generations and family dynasties are characteristic features of the institute (about 100 families from 2 till 6 persons) There are people who had been working at the institute for about 50 years. They had begun their activities at the petroleum refining department of Ufa Scientific Research Institute: Malikov F.Kh., Ioakimis E.G., Berg G.A., Girdyaeva R.D., Khabibullin S.G., Akhmetov M.M., Soboleva V.G.
     Almost half a century has passed since the foundation of Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining. Political system, financial state, directors and staff have been changing. Only one thing is unchangeable: all these years the institute fulfils the task which had been placed on it in the distant 1956: being a leading industrial enterprise the institute provides home industry with scientific developments.