The Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov visited the Institute of petroleum refining and petrochemistry

On August 13th, 2015 Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan - Dmitry Sharonov paid a working visit to the Institute.

The Institute Director Elshad Telyashev told about the promising developments of the Centre. Among them there are prototypes for the photopolymer of 3D-printers, Turbocast medical material, gel for soft anti-bedsore mattresses, disinfectants, and angular sand for children's creativity.

During his visit to the Centre the Head of the Republic visited the new laboratories of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, preparative chromatography, infrared spectroscopy and microscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, X-ray research methods, high performance liquid and gas chromatography, thermal analysis methods, liquid nitrogen.

The Prototyping Centre in the field of petrochemicals was also established on the basis of the Institute as part of the program to support small and medium-sized businesses in 2014. It is an engineering and manufacturing complex of full cycle — from the development of technology and computer design to prototyping and petrochemicals products.

According to Elshad Telyashev, in 2014-2015 the services of the Centre for Multiple Access and the Prototyping Centre were used by more than 150 small and medium-sized businesses from both Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia.

Rustem Khamitov also visited the laboratories located in the main building of the Institute. Thus, during the inspection of the laboratory of physical, physical-chemical studies and tests the Head of the Republic became interested in the quality of petrol sold in the republic.

In the laboratory of range and quality of bitumen the Head of the Region was told about the new developments of the Institute in this area and presented a draft regional standard in the field of road construction.

– You know, I pay a special increased attention to the road construction; I am at war with the "road builders". Maybe it's their misfortune, maybe it’s their fault, but the quality is really poor. How many times has our famous road "Ufa - Airport" been redone in the five years, now there are already anecdotal cases have occurred with the surface - Rustem Khamitov said. - So we are waiting for the job. It is like the air we need. We spend huge money on road repairs and road construction in order to have everything redone in two years again.