Letter of appreciation from "Samaraneftekhimproekt"

Concerning the performance of work under the Contract No400215 / 0157D / 2511-2111-SZ of 05.28.2015 on the topic:
"Comparative analysis of the reconstruction of units of TK-3, TK-4 and construction of a new visbreaking unit"

Dear Elshad Gumerovich!

In 2015 the SUE INKhP RB under subcontract with the PAO "Samaraneftekhimproekt" for AO "Syzransky NPZ" implemented the works on the topic: "Pre-feasibility calculations on long-term development projects of AO "Syzransky NPZ" for the period 2014-2026 years." An inspection of the existing units TK-3 and TK-4 was carried out of AO "Syzransky NPZ" OAO "NK" Rosneft", scientific and technical report and feasibility study for the three variants have been performed.

PAO "Samaraneftekhimproekt" expresses gratitude to your company for prompt and proper performance of work. Works on inspection of the existing units TK-3 and TK-4, collection and analyzing of technical and technological information, preliminary process calculations, development of technological schemes, definition of the preliminary volume of reconstruction of existing units TK-3 and TK-4, implementation of the technical and economic assessment of the reconstruction of TK-3 and TK-4 and construction of a new visbreaking unit to increase productivity have been performed by highly qualified specialists in time and to a high professional standard.

Two options for reconstruction and the option for a new visbreaking unit construction have been proposed and discussed. For all the three options there was an implementation of economic assessment of investments needed, the basic operating costs in real terms determined. In determining the necessary investments for the reconstruction the results of the assessment performed by PAO "Samaraneftekhimproekt" for AO "Syzransky NPZ" were taken into account to bring existing units TK-3 and TK-4 to acting rules and regulations.
The quality and volume of the works performed by Your company allow a choice of the optimal technical and economic criteria option and proceed with the further implementation of the project.

Director General,
Kopaseva L.A.