Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Latvia in Russia Astra Kurme visited the GUP INKhP RB

From 14 to 16 December, the Latvian Ambassador to Russia Astra Kurme and a delegation of Latvian businessmen visited the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ufa to discuss prospects for economic cooperation between Latvia and Bashkortostan.

Together with the ambassador the representatives from five Latvian companies went to a regional trip - "ABLV ConsultingServices", "BalticInternationalBank", "Riga Carriage Works", "A&A Logistic" and "TowersConstructionManagement", as well as the representatives of higher educational institution RISEBA and public organization "Salavat Yulaev".

During the visit the Ambassador met with the Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Rustem Mardanov and other senior officials of the region and the capital. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic a round-table discussion on the possibilities of economic cooperation between Latvia and Bashkortostan, individual meetings with potential business partners were held. In addition, the Latvian delegation had the opportunity to visit individual companies, SUE "Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry" and the Agency of the Republic development.

Astra Kurme emphasized that their delegation arrived in Ufa in order to establish new business contacts and to improve cooperation between the two countries. She spoke of the Latvian-Russian relations, starting from the date of acquisition of Latvia's independence in 1991, the relations between Russia and the EU. Mrs Kurma noted that she put a lot of effort to make her country join the EU, and now she is very happy being in Russia and building new partnerships along with continuing her old ones.

The ambassador spoke about the history of the settlement of Latvians in Russia and especially in Bashkiria. For example, in the village named after Maxim Gorky, where there are many Latvians, the Latvian language is taught at school and the village also has a Latvian ethnographic museum and a folk ensemble. The following year, the Latvian society in Bashkortostan will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. According to Mrs Kurma, the largest EU Tatar-Bashkir community resides in Latvia that builds economic and cultural ties with Russia and Bashkortostan.
Representatives of the Latvian enterprises, higher educational institutions and social organizations have expressed gratitude for the intensive work program, and noted that during the trip they have gained valuable contacts, which can be realized in joint projects and expressed readiness to participate in the regional visit in 2016 organized by the Embassy.

Based on materials from the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Russian Federationhttp://www.mfa.gov.lv/ru/moscow/novosti/49198-zavershilsya-vizit-latvijskogo-posla-astry-kurme-i-delegacii-predprinimatelej-v-ufu